Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jenn is going to be the death of me. She is letting Tessa sleep with her, or on her, or in the car, basically anywhere except making her sleep in her crib. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get Tessa to take naps here during the day. The poor thing is exhausted, too. I understand the difficulties of being a single Mom and needing to get her sleep, but it will only hinder Tessa and herself in the long run.

Tomorrow Jenn has the 1st in-house therapy appt for Aydan after daycare/work. It will be interesting to see what comes of it. Aydan's behavior issues are definitely the worst when he's with Jenn, that is why the therapist told her most of his therapy will be at her home with her at 1st.

Chuck and I are both afraid of what may come of the home visits. Jenn does not keep house in any way, shape, or form. We will not even allow Charlie over there because of the mess and what we feel are safety issues. Our fear is that the therapist is going to want to remove Aydan (and Tessa) from the apartment. Aydan's father would take him in immediately, we are sure, but that leaves Tessa. If this happens, I'm sure the care of Tessa will fall on us. Jenn is completely blind to this and there seems to be no way to get her to see it, although we've tried.

As Chuck says, Jenn's world is starting to spiral downward rather quickly and she is in too deep to see it.

Monday, April 28, 2008

So this is Charlie

He turned 2 in February and he hasn't stopped jabbering since. From the moment he rises until the moment he goes to sleep he is always talking or singing. He's goofy, smart and quite a charmer.
Its been sooo many years since his sisters were that little that I have forgotten all the simple and amazing discoveries that happen when you're 2.
Today he came up to me all in a fluster and excited to show me the lines in his palms. Yep, that's what I said, palms. We then compared my palms to his and traced the lines and creases in our palms. That's just one little example. There are so many moments like this in our days, days filled with new discoveries and adventures.
So everyone, raise a palm, and cheer for the simple things in life.

Welcome to my world

I've had a blog for my daycare but thought I'd start one here just for me. Here I can share my trials and tribulations of raising a 2 yr old boy after reaching that point in a mom's life when she thought she'd be able to take a break. Silly me.

I have 2 girls, Heather (21) and a Jr at Westfield State Univ, and Amberlyn (19) a Fr at Point Park Univ. I also have Charlie (2) a toddler always underfoot ;-) Added to that mix is step-daughters Andrea (25), Jenn (23) and her two kids Aydan (5) and Tessa (9mths). My DH, Chuck, and I wouldn't give up any of them for the peace and quiet of .....
up-coming retirement we thought we would have, LOL.