Friday, May 30, 2008

TGIF ... Just a whine

Its been a busy week. Tuesday I sured up the new family for our daycare. They will be starting June 9th. We filled out the paperwork necessary for the state reimbursement and hopefully the link will be set by then. Tessa has been here day and night since Wednesday morning. I love my little pudgy girl but I'm tired, Charlie is tired and Tessa, too is tired.

Jenn is supposed to be all moved into the new apt she's sharing with Megan by this afternoon and then she should be coming by to pick Tessa up. Normally it wouldn't be so bad with a 10mth old, but she really has no set routine or sleep schedule so she's unpredictable at night. Which means I've been finding myself sleeping very lightly .... actually spending most of the night in that in between state when your still awake enough to hear what's going on and be aware that your in that state, and almost far enough asleep that your eyes don't open. I can't wait to go to bed tonight and sleep deeply.

Of course, my little friend will be back tomorrow and Sunday because Jenn has to work. I probably could ask that she have her stay home with Megan one of the days, but I hate the thought of her not getting outside or having any play time that isn't confined to a pack & play :-/

Just a whine

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend update

Saturday ---
Its been a busy long-weekend, but a really good one. Saturday was spent relaxing at my sister-in-laws house. After the 2hr ride down there (of course Charlie didn't nap) we thought it might be a short visit due to Charlie getting cranky/tired. Boy were we wrong.

We arrived just before noon. Both of Chuck's sisters were there working on food prep and we joined right in. Charlie kept himself busy playing with the toys that are kept there for the other kids to play with. Somewhere around 1:00 our niece showed up with her almost 4 yr old son Ryan. Charlie loves playing with Ryan and even though we only get together every 4-6 weeks he talks about Ryan, and Kyra the other 4 yr old "cousin", all the time.

The day was spent BBQ'ing, and letting the boys play together. Later, closer to 5:00 Kira showed up withe her Dad and Ryan's Dad showed up, too. The grill was once again fired up and dinner was remarkably similar to dinner ;-) but just as tasty. After PJ's and good-bye kisses, we finally left MA around 9:00 pm for the long ride home. Charlie was great, especially for a young man who normally takes a 1 1/2-3 hr nap and didn't get any nap at all.

Of course on the ride home we needed to stop at the 24hr Walmart super center to pick up coffee, cream, milk and other breakfast needs because we were all out and at 7:00 am Aydan and Tessa were coming over because Jenn needed to work at 8:00.

Sunday ---
The kids arrived as expected, full of all kinds of energy and ready to play, and we here were exhausted from the busy day prior and not getting home until 11:45pm. After a breakfast of pancakes and sausages for all, we headed outside to play. Right around 8:15am, I had an appt show up for a prospective daycare family.

They, too, were full of all kinds of energy. She's a single mom of 4 boys ages 7, 6, 3 1/2, and 2 1/2. Just the younger 2 will be in my care fulltime. There will be occassional times ie. holidays, snow days, and vacations that I'll watch the older 2. So as I said, the family showed up at 8:15 ... hence the reason we were already outside ... and they all clambered out. Let's see, Tyler (7), Dylan (6) and Aydan played great although the unexpected surprise of "big kids" to play with got Aydan a little over excited at 1st but a few reminders and he was good to go. Austin (3) will be a handful but I think after a few weeks he'll settle in to a calmer groove. He definately has some developmental delays (speech and behavior) that need to be addressed. The Mom has already taken the 1st steps in that direction. She has set up a therapist that will be doing some evaluations on him. I can see that he'll be looking at a spec ed preschool for sure. Then there is Justin (2), and he's just a few months older than Charlie, with and much quieter disposition, too. When things got a little crazy at times, he sort of seperated himself from the others and watched quietly from a distance until things quieted down again ... very much like Charlie tends to do. I can see them becoming friends.

Mom seemed very interested in switching to here for daycare and on Monday night confirmed the plan.

Monday ---
Memorial Day was a peaceful day here. Only Tessa came while Jenn worked. We relaxed, food shopped, played outside and in the evening we built a campfire in the firepit and relaxed some more. It was a nice end to a busy weekend.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jenn ... again

Well, it looks like Jenn and her crew got an apartment. It was right down to the wire. So much so that we had her here for dinner last night to talk about what will happen if the 30th gets here and they had nothing.

Its a 4 bdr in probably the worst part of Manchester ... as she put it, its in "cracksville". They will be tenants on a week to week basis so if they can find something else she says they will be able to move.

Of course, reality is that once you move yourself, your 2 kids, your pregnant friend and her child, actually moving again will hold little interest.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Camping ... Relay style

This past weekend we had our first camping trip. Chuck had the Relay for Life this weekend and it meant we would be there Friday-Sunday. We bought a new tent and its nice and large. It comfortably fit the queen-size air mattress we bought, Charlie's cot, all our clothes, Charlie's toys, and even a heater on Saturday night and still there was room to move around. It also has a small attached screen porch area that we really liked.

Friday it started misting and drizzling in the afternoon. With all the time it takes to get the stage area and gear up and running, we didn't get to the tent until about 5:30. Luckily it sets up pretty quickly. We didn't have an official campsite, we were just set up behind the stage ... the advantage being we got to have electricity fed from the stage to our area :-)

Since the Relay wasn't to start until Saturday morning, everyone was to be off the fairgrounds by 7:00 Fri night ... that is everyone but us. We had permission to stay overnight. We went out for pizza at the local shop to warm up from being in the rain all day and returned to an eerily empty fairgrounds. All the gates were suppose to be locked, but they latched but didn't lock the service gate so we could come and go as needed.By 9:00 I had Charlie bundled up in 2 pairs of PJ's and snuggled up on his cot under 2 heavy fleece blankets. He went to sleep pretty quickly, fresh air (even damp) does wonders. Chuck and I sat out in the screened porch area and just listened to the rain. That night it rained pretty constant and the wind was whipping pretty good, too. The temp dropped to the low forties IT WAS SO COLD but surprisingly we survived.

I got up to start the day around 5:00 and got the coffee going. Did I mention we had electricity, yeah! We started the fire pit, enjoyed coffee and bagels (cooked on the grill) and then the rest of the staff and crew started arriving. The sun came out and it ended up being a great, although windy, first day of Relay.

For the 2nd night, someone brought us a portable heater to keep plugged in in the tent. It made such a difference that Charlie didn't feel the need to stayed curled up in a ball under his blanket. Somewhere around 3:30 am he decided to climb onto the bed with us. So sweet, yes, but that meant Mom, me, got pushed nearly off the air mattress and barely had any quilt covering her. Also, since Charlie was dressed, again, in double "feetie" PJ's, he had no interest in being under any blankets so he kept kicking off what was barely covering him and consequently me.

This year was Charlie's 3rd Relay, even though he's not quite 2 1/2. Everybody there knows him and marvels at how much he grows when they see him ... which is only about twice a year. He really enjoyed himself this year. He spent time walking the track, getting pony rides, dancing the "electric slide" and even took the Sunday morning kick box - cardio class LOL. Of course the latter 2 were his attempts at such, but they were good. He loved sitting in the "jeep" aka staff golf cart when ever he got a chance and everyone was lovin' giving him just that chance.

One very memorable moment happen quite quietly. During set up on Friday afternoon, Charlie was playing with the drum set that was stashed, until needed, in the side area of the stage. He was contently tapping the drums and the cymbals here and there. All of a sudden it seemed he got a little quiet (easy to notice when a 2 yr old stops hitting drums and cymbals). I look over at him and call to Chuck to take a look. There was Charlie standing close to the end of one of the cymbal stands, which to him must have looked like a "Charlie-size" microphone on a mike stand, singing into it like a pro. It was the cutest thing! He was completely in his own world, singing without a care. Its a picture I will never forget.

The rest of Relay went great and officially wrapped up at 11:00 am with a total fund-raising amount of + $740,000!! We didn't get to leave until about 4:00 when everything was taken down and loaded back onto the truck. It was a long, tiring weekend but also, as always, a "feel good" weekend.

Sending a shout out to and her June Write Away contest.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Its been a busy time ....

Its been a busy time. Both Heather and Amby are home from college, Jenn is in scramble mode for a new apt, Andrea has been MIA (but that's normal for her, she's been working) and we just returned from our camping trip. I'm actively looking to fill the 2 spots available in the daycare now, too. More on all of the above, soon.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Errr, Jenn ....

Jenn is at it again, at least that's what Chuck thinks. He finally called her on it 2 nights ago and suddenly, she can't get Tessa here for daycare, doesn't know if she can keep her job, might lose her apartment, etc. etc. etc.

Jenn admitted that the reason she's looking for a new apartment to share with her friend is that she needs to come up with some money toward her past rent (another eviction notice) or give a 30 day notice to them ... and this is public housing! How she plans to afford non-public housing is beyond me. M, her friend, doesn't work and just sits at home receiving assistance as well. They're looking for a 4 bedroom because between them there is already 3 kids with a 4th on the way from M. She says with the tax rebate that she's getting she's trying to decide whether it should go toward a new place, or a vehicle so she can get to work to keep a roof over her head ... Errr!

Stuttering .....

Truckkkk, outsideddd, housessss and so it goes. Charlie has been stuttering so much lately its unbelievable. Of course, being his very original self, his stutter is at the end of his words, LOLLLL. At least it makes it easier to wait out what he's saying ;-)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Better luck next time .....

Well, Charlie is better off in Pull-ups. I have learned, that with all his recent cognitive/language growth, the physical growth has taken a rest, which is very normal. The results being, he WANTS to wear "big boy" pants, does run in to go when he feels a lrg urge to go, goes almost always when asked to go .... but still pees almost constantly in small amounts all day long. Which means he's emotionally and mentally ready to be potty trained but physically doesn't have the bladder control yet to not have accidents all day. Having wet pants was getting him upset.

So we're going back to pull-ups so he can still go potty all the time when he needs to but not have wet pants and be all upset all the time. For now, we'll watch for the change when Charlie starts to show signs of new motor skills growth and hope that he can then learn to control his bladder ..... and maybe give our heads a rest from the constant questions, talking, singing, reading and counting that he's doing now LOL.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 1 down ... bring on tomorrow

Its 8:00 pm and Charlie is sleeping. Whew! What a long day. Charlie did pretty well wearing underwear for the 1st time. After a few reminders and being taken to the potty to try, twice before naptime he ran to the bathroom by himself to use the potty!!! After lunch I put on "bedtime pants" aka pull-ups and almost immediately he pooped while getting settled in bed for nap. He never poops in bed, well not since he was a baby, so I know he now knows he can hold it ... even if it is for a diaper for now.

After nap he had 2 more accidents, 1 because he was outside and 1 mainly I think because he was just tired by the end of the day. After his bath he got into "bedtime pants" again before his jammies.

We spent sometime cleaning and organizing the clothes in his closet. I have clothes all the way up to size 5T waiting to be grown into from my niece's son. Then he wanted to look at the picture album on his shelf. So we stopped what we were doing, curled up on the bed and went through the photos. We never got to the bedtime story as he was getting sleepy so we called it a night.

He was a little weepy going to bed probably because Daddy left this afternoon for the weekend and wasn't here to tuck him in ... that's his gig. He has become quite the Daddy's Boy recently.

Well back to the clothes spread all over my bed that still need sorting out :-/

Big boy pants !!!!

Today starts the big "potty" weekend. Charlie has been using the potty very regularly but also wets in his pull-ups. Since Chuck is going away for the weekend, we went out last night to do a few last minute errands. One of those errands was picking out "big boy" pants with Charlie. He picked out Elmo ones with sports themes on them all. Mom also picked up the Gerber extra think padded ones that were on clearance.

With no other distractions planned or errands to do I wanted to start with the big boy pants this weekend. Once up, Charlie and I talked about no more diapers and then he picked out the soccer underwear to wear. He has had 1 accident so far and used the potty 3 times .... and its only 9:40 am. Its going to be a long day but we'll survive LOL

Wish me/him luck.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Aydan's therapy

Aydan had his 1st in house behavior therapy session Wed night at his house. Jenn said it went well and that the therapist appears to be a pretty even mix of "all around good guy", and a real hard-a**.

Together they created a behavior chart for Aydan and if he has 3 out of 5 good days he will bring a Matchbox for him. The therapist is also going to be working intensely with Jenn and her parenting skills.

He will be meeting with them every Monday, sometimes at home with them all there and sometimes one on one with Aydan at his daycare. Hopefully things will improve for them, and I say them because other than with Jenn, whether at home or not, Aydan's behavior is not so bad.

What's the differences .......

Charlie seems to have a new fascination with gender labels. I guess it comes with the whole potty scene. He is constantly labeling who is a boy and who is a girl, he's just over 2 so its really cute. Amazingly he seems to get it right most of the time.

So. I ask, what is it that makes him able to see the difference between girls and boys. Yes he is always joining Dad or I in the bathroom, but we've never had the "Daddy has a p***s, Charlie has one, too" or the "No, Mommy doesn't have one" conversations. Heck, I don't even think it has anything to do with that.

In our house, both Dad and Mom cook, clean, etc. Charlie has both many cars and trucks, as well as a kitchen set and baby doll. Even when it comes to his cousins, or babies, he seems accurate more often than not. It makes me wonder what he sees while he's noticing differences.

Just thinking ......