Friday, August 29, 2008

Just the little man and me

Its been a busy week. Monday 2 of our girls were shipped off back to college :-( Heather out to Westfield for her final year, and Amberlyn to Pittsburgh for her sophomore year.

Charlie has grown extremely close to Amby this summer and is now old enough to understand that she is away at school and not here. He keeps asking "Amby all done at school?" and "We take a ride and go get Amby?" Its sweet but sad, too. We wont see either girl again until Thanksgiving.

Chuck left for Conn. yesterday and wont be back until late Labor Day night. He has a show out there at the Woodstock Fair. So it is just the little man and myself ... of course I still have the boys and Tessa here for daycare today and Tessa for daycare over the weekend as well. My plan is to use this time to catch up on the unpacking that still needs to be done from the move and to get ahead on curriculum and have most of the prep done for upcoming lapbooks. We'll see how it all plays out ;-)

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