Monday, August 4, 2008

Pre-preschool has begun!

Pre-preschool has begun! Today we started our space exploration unit and everyone enjoyed it. The theme was chosen by Tyler (6). I read the book "The Sun: Our Nearest Star" by F. M. Branley. We sponge painted yellow suns that we will use later in the week to make solar system mobiles. After lunch the boys were able to sit at the table and color a choice of space vehicle pictures while everyone finished eating.

The older boys worked on some of the fun activity sheets that I had for them while the younger half napped. They also chose to cut out the space ship they colored and glued it to their space folders. By the time school starts they should be already in the swing of learning :-) That's the plan anyways.

We spent time outside in the morning and in the afternoon. Everyone had a pretty good day. Hopefully now that we are settled in and starting "school" the routine and focus will keep mischievous mayhem at bay.

Tonight, Charlie and I will start "The Wind in the Willows" for our read out loud book.

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