Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our 1st lapbook

We're moving on. We are ready to go from somewhere in the galaxy to deep in the ocean.

The boys have finished their unit on space. We learned about the sun and the moon and how they effect us here on Earth. We made a mobile of the planets in our solar system, putting them in the correct order. The older boys colored the planets as accurately as they could getting info from various places.

We made our 1st lapbooks with this unit. Each boy chose a picture to color and cut out to glue to the front. Inside they had pictures of all 8 planets, the sun, a moon dial that showed the phases of the moon, and lots of facts about each. We also talked about astronauts and made flip books about what astronauts mights wear, eat, and do in space. They all came up with some fun thoughts and I either wrote them down for them or they wrote it themselves. Here's a few examples:

Charlie (2 1/2) "they wear jammies and go to bed"

Justin (2 1/2)"they eat hotdogs and french fries"

Austin (3 1/2)"They fly"

Tyler (6)"They eat space food, float around and do science stuff"

Dylan (7)"They learn about new stars and look for aliens"

This coming week we will by introducing the FIAR concept to start our ocean theme. We will be reading Hello Ocean by Pam Munoz and working on a lap book that goes along with it from . We'll dig deeper into sea life according to the interest levels of the group. Check out the large shell collection I have and learn all we can.

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