Monday, June 9, 2008

Welcome Austin & Justin

The boys are here and Charlie couldn't be happier. Austin and Justin started daycare today.

Austin (3 1/2) has had a terrible time at his old sitters but has had a GREAT day here today. I was expecting to see some of the rough to handle behavior that I saw when Mom first came to visit (tantrums, screaming, hitting, out of control energy) but it lasted all of 1 minute while Mom was telling him he couldn't play outside until later. Together we got him inside and he immediately calmed down after I explained that we needed to wait until Mom left and we changed into bathing suit. He set off to play in the housekeeping area and was fine. Justin (2 1/2) came right in this morning and set off to play with the trains and had no problem starting our day.

Around 9:00 we cleaned up, hit the bathroom and changed into bathing suits. My plan for today was to just tucker them out and set up the boundaries and routine they needed to learn and hopefully they will nap after lunch, something they haven't been able to get the boys to do. We brought out snack and juice and played in the water and yard until 10:45.

All three boys got along great. Austin was very well behaved and when he did take toys or the likes, he readily handed them back when told to, apologized and waited his turn. Not a tantrum in sight. Justin definately tried to push the limits, testing what would be allowed or not. He did have to sit for a "time out" after not listening 1 too many times but seemed better after that. Just a typical 2 yr old behavior. Charlie shared his toys very well, as usual, and really enjoyed having friends to play in the pool with.

I herded 3 wet and muddy boys to the porch, stripped them, dried them, and sent them into the house. I think the AC shocked all their little bodies, they were very giggly. We all did the "potty" thing, got dressed and played cars.

During lunch, I established the sleeping arrangements for the boys so they would know the drill....Charlie upstairs in his bed, Austin on the couch, and Justin on the cot. Everybody seemed agreeable to the plan.

After they were each done eating and washed up, both Austin and Justin went directly to where they were to sleep and settled in. It was GREAT! So all three are sleeping, I've enjoyed a peaceful lunch and have had time to sit and relax here at the computer...and I was expecting a rough day.

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