Monday, June 30, 2008

Time to clean ....

Oh how I hate cleaning other people's dirt. Of course I don't necessarily like to clean my own dirt, but someone else's dirt is just gross!

Today, Charlie and I went over to the new house to start the major cleaning that needs doing. I got the dining room ceiling, floor and walls done, the carpets in the playroom and living room vacuumed, and cleaned the toilet and sink area of the down stairs bathroom.

We ran the dish washer, washer and dryer and all seem to work great. Tomorrow I'll work on the kitchen. I've got to scrub the appliances and the counters, they are so greasy. I also need to wash all the cabinets with the Murphy's Oil Soap. We may pack a lunch so we can stay a little longer instead of coming home like we did today. We'll see.

Right now I just feel tired and gross.

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