Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tessa & Jenn

Jenn called at 8:20am asking if I could go and pick up Tessa because Meagan had a 9:30 Dr appt. and Mims was supposed to watch Tessa. Mims was suppose to be there for 6:00am to take Tessa for the day.

Jenn said he called at 7:15 and woke her up and said he was on his way. Because Jenn was already late for work, she said she didn't press the issue. Apparently Meagan called Jenn at work around 8:15 saying Mims still wasn't there and not answering any texts or phone calls. After Jenn tried to reach him to no avail, that was when she called me.

After talking with Chuck, we agreed I should pick up Tessa. I left by 8:35am. While driving there, I saw Meagan walking with Isaah. I pulled over and asked where Tessa was and she said Mims showed up and will bring her down to the car. I pulled up across the street from the apartment and beeped. After waiting, and beeping, for 15 minutes I left.

I drove to Jenn's work and went in to speak with her. I told her what happened, that no one came to the car and that Mims was there with Tessa. I just wanted to know whether I still needed to take her or was Mims going to keep her. She was very angry, stated that "Mims was going to end up in jail by the end of the day if he keeps it up". I asked her to meet me out in the back of the parking lot so she could call Mims and decided what was the deal.

After speaking with Mims, she said he would come out with Tessa when I got there. Charlie and I drove back over to Jenn's, parked across the street and beeped. Mims came out with Tessa shortly after.

Tessa --- she had no coat, socks or shoes, blankets, binky, or a diaper bag. She was holding a 1/2 bottle that she was in the middle of.
Mims --- looked like either he was just crying, sleeping, extremely mad or stoned. He said nothing, handed me Tessa and just stood there.

I asked him if he had the diaper bag and he went to get it while I buckled Tessa into our car seat. Tessa immediately fell asleep for the ride back to our house. We got back to the house about 10:00am.

Tessa was very whiny and clingy and didn't want to be put down. I changed her diaper at 10:30 and it was near explosion level and she had a very bad diaper rash that wasn't there the night before. After the diaper change she just wanted to be held and curled up on my chest. She had peas and squash with rice cereal for lunch and then she ended up going down very easily for a nap by 11:45. I gave her the binky I keep here and Charlie's quilt.

Tessa woke up at 1:00 inconsolably screaming. She basically cried, whimpered, snuggled and dosed and then repeated it all over and over again on my chest until I had to put her down in her chair at 3:00 so I could get Charlie up from nap. She had a pastey poop when I changed her after nap and was still extremely sore from her rash. She has been clingy and whiny right up until Jenn picked her up.

Jen picked her up at 4:15 with a ride from her friend Natasha and was in a hurry. She had no carseat so she took ours. She needed to pick up Aydan, make dinner and then go back to work for 8-10pm. I assume she is having Meagan watch them.

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