Sunday, September 28, 2008

A brief wrap up on a busy September

It has been a busy week and finding time to blog has been hard. As far as the daycare/preschool goes, we have completed our letter Bb page for our alphabet notebooks as well as our small unit on Brown Bear, Brown Bear. I will post pics on a separate post.

I was pleasantly surprised when yesterday while getting his sneakers on, Charlie stated they had a "B" on them. Which they did because they had the "B" emblem for the Boston Red Sox on the side. He also then decided to get the empty box, waiting near the trash, to play with saying "B is for box!" Seems preschooling him is working :-D

Andrea, the oldest, has been visiting recently. She was on a "separation mode" from family, only making brief appearances and phone calls around birthday and holidays. Chuck and I strongly felt that she just needed this time to settle into her new life off on her own, aka grow a little, and would find her way back on her own better if she wasn't pushed. It appears we got that 1 right, Yay! She has been doing so well and we are very happy for her.

Jenn and the kids are the same. They are definitely struggling and its been hard but we see them often (almost daily) and she knows that when and if the time comes there is always room here for the kids and her. I think when that day comes it will be one of the hardest things in her life for Jenn to admit, and do.

Heather is back at school for her final year. I can't believe she will be a college graduate next spring. She's doing very well and keeping VERY busy between her classes and her internship necessary to receive her degree in social work.

And Amby, my original baby (before Charlie) is doing very well. Back at school in her sophomore year, she has taken her 1st apartment and is learning a little of what the "real world" is like. Her 1st audition she was cast into 2 different dance pieces. Now she has had to add those rehearsals into her dance class and academic class schedules. Second semester she is hoping to get into the study abroad program in France. Busy, busy, busy.

So there's the brief wrap up.

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