Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mid-week check in

We have been working on the book The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall. The boys are really enjoying it. As the week has progressed I notice that they are taking the book themselves and "reading" it to each other, and as they do they seem to have picked up new info each time. Yesterday I heard Charlie and J pointing out the robins in the book and the growth of them during the year. I also heard A at 1 point telling J about what season it was in the book on a particular page. This is what I love to see.

We are working on lapbook elements daily to highlight different aspects of the book/apple tree seasons. Along with this book we are starting our alphabet notebook. This week we have been working on Aa.

Tuesday our preschool routine was interrupted by a school day off for the older boys. Although it was nice to see them, I'm glad to be back to just the younger crowd. The general atmosphere is more relaxed and the boys all seem to play better when the older 2 are away at school.

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