Thursday, September 11, 2008

Naptime ... Oh What a Relief it is!

BFS #101 - Plop, plop, Fizz, fizz; Oh, What a Relief It Is!
Assignment: This would be a good week to tell about your worst struggles with a lifestyle of homeschooling. Share any curriculum/home school methods that have been a relief to you, i.e., a particular Teacher’s Manual or Homeschooling method that’s been easier for your family. Talk about how you felt when the burden was lifted and Oh, What a Relief it is!

This year there are 2 major reliefs for me regarding homeschooling three preschoolers and a 1yr old.

1st) I love this site and group they have been a saving grace for me! Go and check them out, you'll love 'em.

2nd) Nap time between 12:00 - 2:00 when all 4 children are sleeping. ;-D


Kerri said...

I really like homeschool share also.

BFS Teacher

Sheri said...

I love how you cut right to the chase...funny! YES, both are awesome..better yet for number 2: when Mommy (daycare lady) gets the nap! Those babes look so adorable and well, quiet. I miss those days......