Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 1 down ... bring on tomorrow

Its 8:00 pm and Charlie is sleeping. Whew! What a long day. Charlie did pretty well wearing underwear for the 1st time. After a few reminders and being taken to the potty to try, twice before naptime he ran to the bathroom by himself to use the potty!!! After lunch I put on "bedtime pants" aka pull-ups and almost immediately he pooped while getting settled in bed for nap. He never poops in bed, well not since he was a baby, so I know he now knows he can hold it ... even if it is for a diaper for now.

After nap he had 2 more accidents, 1 because he was outside and 1 mainly I think because he was just tired by the end of the day. After his bath he got into "bedtime pants" again before his jammies.

We spent sometime cleaning and organizing the clothes in his closet. I have clothes all the way up to size 5T waiting to be grown into from my niece's son. Then he wanted to look at the picture album on his shelf. So we stopped what we were doing, curled up on the bed and went through the photos. We never got to the bedtime story as he was getting sleepy so we called it a night.

He was a little weepy going to bed probably because Daddy left this afternoon for the weekend and wasn't here to tuck him in ... that's his gig. He has become quite the Daddy's Boy recently.

Well back to the clothes spread all over my bed that still need sorting out :-/

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