Friday, May 2, 2008

Big boy pants !!!!

Today starts the big "potty" weekend. Charlie has been using the potty very regularly but also wets in his pull-ups. Since Chuck is going away for the weekend, we went out last night to do a few last minute errands. One of those errands was picking out "big boy" pants with Charlie. He picked out Elmo ones with sports themes on them all. Mom also picked up the Gerber extra think padded ones that were on clearance.

With no other distractions planned or errands to do I wanted to start with the big boy pants this weekend. Once up, Charlie and I talked about no more diapers and then he picked out the soccer underwear to wear. He has had 1 accident so far and used the potty 3 times .... and its only 9:40 am. Its going to be a long day but we'll survive LOL

Wish me/him luck.

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sweetpeas said...

Good Luck Charlie and Mom!!!