Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Errr, Jenn ....

Jenn is at it again, at least that's what Chuck thinks. He finally called her on it 2 nights ago and suddenly, she can't get Tessa here for daycare, doesn't know if she can keep her job, might lose her apartment, etc. etc. etc.

Jenn admitted that the reason she's looking for a new apartment to share with her friend is that she needs to come up with some money toward her past rent (another eviction notice) or give a 30 day notice to them ... and this is public housing! How she plans to afford non-public housing is beyond me. M, her friend, doesn't work and just sits at home receiving assistance as well. They're looking for a 4 bedroom because between them there is already 3 kids with a 4th on the way from M. She says with the tax rebate that she's getting she's trying to decide whether it should go toward a new place, or a vehicle so she can get to work to keep a roof over her head ... Errr!

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