Friday, May 30, 2008

TGIF ... Just a whine

Its been a busy week. Tuesday I sured up the new family for our daycare. They will be starting June 9th. We filled out the paperwork necessary for the state reimbursement and hopefully the link will be set by then. Tessa has been here day and night since Wednesday morning. I love my little pudgy girl but I'm tired, Charlie is tired and Tessa, too is tired.

Jenn is supposed to be all moved into the new apt she's sharing with Megan by this afternoon and then she should be coming by to pick Tessa up. Normally it wouldn't be so bad with a 10mth old, but she really has no set routine or sleep schedule so she's unpredictable at night. Which means I've been finding myself sleeping very lightly .... actually spending most of the night in that in between state when your still awake enough to hear what's going on and be aware that your in that state, and almost far enough asleep that your eyes don't open. I can't wait to go to bed tonight and sleep deeply.

Of course, my little friend will be back tomorrow and Sunday because Jenn has to work. I probably could ask that she have her stay home with Megan one of the days, but I hate the thought of her not getting outside or having any play time that isn't confined to a pack & play :-/

Just a whine

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