Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend update

Saturday ---
Its been a busy long-weekend, but a really good one. Saturday was spent relaxing at my sister-in-laws house. After the 2hr ride down there (of course Charlie didn't nap) we thought it might be a short visit due to Charlie getting cranky/tired. Boy were we wrong.

We arrived just before noon. Both of Chuck's sisters were there working on food prep and we joined right in. Charlie kept himself busy playing with the toys that are kept there for the other kids to play with. Somewhere around 1:00 our niece showed up with her almost 4 yr old son Ryan. Charlie loves playing with Ryan and even though we only get together every 4-6 weeks he talks about Ryan, and Kyra the other 4 yr old "cousin", all the time.

The day was spent BBQ'ing, and letting the boys play together. Later, closer to 5:00 Kira showed up withe her Dad and Ryan's Dad showed up, too. The grill was once again fired up and dinner was remarkably similar to dinner ;-) but just as tasty. After PJ's and good-bye kisses, we finally left MA around 9:00 pm for the long ride home. Charlie was great, especially for a young man who normally takes a 1 1/2-3 hr nap and didn't get any nap at all.

Of course on the ride home we needed to stop at the 24hr Walmart super center to pick up coffee, cream, milk and other breakfast needs because we were all out and at 7:00 am Aydan and Tessa were coming over because Jenn needed to work at 8:00.

Sunday ---
The kids arrived as expected, full of all kinds of energy and ready to play, and we here were exhausted from the busy day prior and not getting home until 11:45pm. After a breakfast of pancakes and sausages for all, we headed outside to play. Right around 8:15am, I had an appt show up for a prospective daycare family.

They, too, were full of all kinds of energy. She's a single mom of 4 boys ages 7, 6, 3 1/2, and 2 1/2. Just the younger 2 will be in my care fulltime. There will be occassional times ie. holidays, snow days, and vacations that I'll watch the older 2. So as I said, the family showed up at 8:15 ... hence the reason we were already outside ... and they all clambered out. Let's see, Tyler (7), Dylan (6) and Aydan played great although the unexpected surprise of "big kids" to play with got Aydan a little over excited at 1st but a few reminders and he was good to go. Austin (3) will be a handful but I think after a few weeks he'll settle in to a calmer groove. He definately has some developmental delays (speech and behavior) that need to be addressed. The Mom has already taken the 1st steps in that direction. She has set up a therapist that will be doing some evaluations on him. I can see that he'll be looking at a spec ed preschool for sure. Then there is Justin (2), and he's just a few months older than Charlie, with and much quieter disposition, too. When things got a little crazy at times, he sort of seperated himself from the others and watched quietly from a distance until things quieted down again ... very much like Charlie tends to do. I can see them becoming friends.

Mom seemed very interested in switching to here for daycare and on Monday night confirmed the plan.

Monday ---
Memorial Day was a peaceful day here. Only Tessa came while Jenn worked. We relaxed, food shopped, played outside and in the evening we built a campfire in the firepit and relaxed some more. It was a nice end to a busy weekend.

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