Monday, May 5, 2008

Better luck next time .....

Well, Charlie is better off in Pull-ups. I have learned, that with all his recent cognitive/language growth, the physical growth has taken a rest, which is very normal. The results being, he WANTS to wear "big boy" pants, does run in to go when he feels a lrg urge to go, goes almost always when asked to go .... but still pees almost constantly in small amounts all day long. Which means he's emotionally and mentally ready to be potty trained but physically doesn't have the bladder control yet to not have accidents all day. Having wet pants was getting him upset.

So we're going back to pull-ups so he can still go potty all the time when he needs to but not have wet pants and be all upset all the time. For now, we'll watch for the change when Charlie starts to show signs of new motor skills growth and hope that he can then learn to control his bladder ..... and maybe give our heads a rest from the constant questions, talking, singing, reading and counting that he's doing now LOL.

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